If you are mechanically inclined and would like to know how to save money by repairing, modifying or tuning your own motorcycle, this course is for you. Motorcycle repair 101 covers maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs on: engines (2 and 4 stroke), ignition and electrical circuits, suspension, wheel, drive and brake components as well as the theory behind how it all works.

When we speak of “entry-level” skills in motorcycle repair, we are talking about job getting skills. These skills include tire and wheel service, assembly and set-up service, and battery service, and a reminder that an entry-level technician will probably have to sweep the parking lot every now and then. As motorcycle dealerships expand into all terrain vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, and powered watercraft, the opportunities for motorcycle mechanics takes on new horizons. Motorcycle Mechanic offers the basics that a beginner needs to get a job along with the solid foundation required to turn a job into a career.